The All-Important List of Photography Schools

List of top photography schools:
You may have heard about the Art Institutes, which have dozens of campus schools throughout the United States. Did you know that they also have an online school catering to those who would like to learn from home or on their own? Their online photography program offers both a Bachelor's and an Associate's degree in photography, which is a great way to turn your hobby into a career. The courses are taught by accomplished professors in the field of photography, and you may find that the online nature of learning better suits you, as it does for many people.
You can request information directly from the Art Institute Online (now known as the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division just for semantics), by clicking here.
Art Institutes
Besides the online school, many Art Institute campus schools also offer photography degrees. You will be taught by great professors and earn your Bachelor's, usually in Digital Photography. They also offer a number of art related courses such as graphic design, interactive media, and so forth, so you may find a tangent subject which may better suit your interests as well.
When you are searching for something, it is always helpful to have a list of the things you need and want; this is to make it easier for you to look for that elusive item. When it comes to choosing a school where you want to get a photography course, it would be extremely helpful if you also have a list of the best institutions offering the programs you want. The list can be printed directly from the internet, given to you by people you know who are experts in the subject, or compiled through your own painstaking research. Regardless of how you got the list, it is still an essential item in your quest to finding the right photography colleges. You can start a list of photography schools according to the things that are most important to you. For example: if you live in Chicago and want to search for photography schools in the surrounding areas, you might want to make a list of the institutions in the greater Chicago area; if you are willing to move to another city, you can expand your list to include those in the whole state of Illinois. You can also make a list according to the cost of tuition required to complete a specific degree or course in certain schools; this is very helpful if you are trying to stick to a budget, or if you are planning to get a loan for your education. Still others are more interested in the prestige that a certain school’s name brings, and the reputation of its faculty members. A list of photography schools can help make your decision-making a little easier; oftentimes, it is easier to make a comparative analysis based on what you can visualize. And there is no visual aid more powerful than a list stating all the pros and cons of going to specific photography schools, especially if that list was put together through your own research – you can’t beat a personal approach to a very personal decision.

Article by Shannon Weaver,