The Impact of Photography School Rankings

People who are looking for the best photography classes are faced with the challenge of deciding on which school to go to.

Admittedly, there are a lot of factors to be considered like location, the tuition costs and other personal requirements; however, a lot of importance is given to photography school rankings, which can be filtered by state or country-wide. These rankings are mostly made by industry experts who painstakingly ranked the schools according to certain criteria; to a person who does not have an idea on what the best schools are (and what they can offer), looking at the rankings is a great start in the quest to find the most competent and reliable schools.

Photography school rankings, especially those that are made available to a bigger audience, have a heavy impact on would-be students’ decisions on which school to go to. The rankings would normally include ratings on different factors (such as how comprehensive the programs being offered are, the costs involved, state-of-the-art facilities, campus features, etc.), which are all equally important to those who are still trying to find the best photography schools. The rankings serve as a one-stop-shop of sorts for people who do not have the luxury of looking at all the resources available to them; some of the people interested in going to photography schools are already busy with their jobs, so the time to do research can be very limited.

When looking at photography school rankings, it is important to keep in mind the reputation of the individuals or groups that were responsible for ranking the institutions. As much as possible, give bigger emphasis on the rankings done by impartial groups - those that do not have anything to gain with giving higher rankings to specific schools; this is to ensure that you are seeing only objective and unprejudiced information.

Photography school rankings are made to help potential students in determining what the best institutions are, considering a number of given factors. No matter how influential these rankings are, in the end the decision on what school to go to is a very personal one; after all, only YOU can judge which would be the best for your present and future photography school needs.

Article by Shannon Weaver,