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Have you ever thought about going to one of the prestigious photography schools and learning how to take real pictures by earning an online photography degree? The photos that make people stop and say, "Wow." If so, you should consider going to a photography school, or at least taking photography classes.

There is more to a career in photography than liking---and being skilled at----taking pictures. Photographers with a varied degree and skill set are more likely to stay competitive and find continuous work in their field.

There are certificate, associate, bachelor and master degree programs for this field. As with any field, those who hold higher degrees tend to get higher-paying jobs.

For topics ranging from black and white photography to advanced digital photography, classes are there for anything under the sun. Browse our articles below or search for photography schools, colleges and degrees above by entering your zip.

Interested in a degree from a top Photography School? Imagine turning your hobby of taking photos into your profession. With the right education you could do just that!

So why should a person consider going all the way to photography colleges to become a professional digital photographer?